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Martes, 29 de Nov. de 2022 - Try to get in some light exercise before heading off to work, and try to avoid grabbing that extra cup of coffee or it could lead to a case of the jitters. Today has a cerebral vibe that might get the better of you, making it important that you ground yourself and focus on your breath throughout the day. Should you begin to feel overwhelmed, take a step back and rest, if only for a few minutes.

Watch out for a communication breakdown this afternoon when the moon shares an off-kilter connection. Choose your words with care while this energy is present so you can avoid arguments.

Luckily, the energy transforms this evening, which should help you quickly release any unpleasant thoughts or situations you found yourself in today.

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Energía planetaria del día: 4/5

Lunes, 28 de Nov. de 2022 – The cosmic climate is challenging today as the Aquarius moon allies with Saturn while also butting h...

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El Ermitaño

La carta del Ermitaño simboliza meditación, reflexión y soledad...

La carta del Ermitaño simboliza meditación, reflexión y soledad

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El que tiene imaginación, con qué facilidad saca de la nada un mundo.

- Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

La luna llena en Aries te reta a ser quien eres

El próximo 20 de octubre es la luna llena del mes Libra, es decir, la luna llena en Aries. Aries y Libra son signos complementarios. Aries...

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